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Pregnancy and Fertility

For those of you who are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant I thought the following might help.

Are you having trouble conceiving?  This can be due to a range of issues, some of which need medical help and some that don't.

Reflexology is definitely worth considering if you've not tried it. It can help by reducing stress levels which play a major part in your ability to conceive. It also helps to regulate your menstrual cycle and balance your body's natural equilibrium. 

Reflexology is also extremely beneficial during pregnancy.  It is advisable to wait until you're past the 12 week stage to ensure your pregnancy is more established.  If you have any specific medical problems I would need written confirmation from your obstetrician prior to treatment.

Regular sessions throughout your pregnancy can ease aches and pains as your bump grows, help you to relax and sleep and is great for reducing puffiness around your feet and ankles.

Nearer to your due date it can also sometimes help to kickstart labour and can promote stronger, more efficient contractions hopefully resulting in a shorter labour which can only be a good thing!

It can also be used alongside IVF treatments from hyperstimulation up to the final scan prior to egg  collection.

Reducing stress levels and anxiety can give embryo transfer the best chance for implantation.

Indian head massage is another treatment that is lovely during those long 9 months.  This is carried out with you sitting, so no pressure on your bump or back and is deeply relaxing.  It's great for easing sinus congestion too, which can sometimes be a problem in pregnancy.  Full details of both treatments can be found on the relevant pages.

Of course we can't forget the fact that as you grow, reaching your tired feet can be somewhat challenging!  Pedicures can be nice and relaxing and can mean you still have pretty toes without the effort.

If ever there is a good reason to have some "you time" it's when you're growing a little person so see what you think would suit you and let me know. Reviews from many lovely clients can be seen on my Facebook page.

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