Express Manicure or Pedicure  - Cuticle and nail tidy with normal polish (30 mins)   £10

Full Manicure - Cuticle and nail tidy, relaxing hand massage and pretty polish of your choice (45 mins)  £20

Luxury Manicure - Cuticle and nail tidy, application of warming paraffin wax to rehydrate your skin, relaxing hand massage, finishing with polish of your choice (1 hr)  £25

*Please note prices differ with gel polish*

IBX Nail Repair - This toughening system works within the nail rather than on top. It actually helps to bind the layers in the upper portion of your nail plate together, thereby reducing splitting and peeling.  Can be used underneath polish or on it's own to repair natural nails.  After initial treatment and assessment of your nails I can then advise you on how often you may want to have follow up repair.

Initial IBX Repair (30 mins)  £15

IBX Follow On Treatments (15 mins)  £8

Full Pedicure - Cuticle and nail tidy, warming soak in foot spa, exfoliation and soothing massage with polish  of your choice. (45 mins)  £20

Luxury Pedicure - Cuticle and nail tidy,, soothing foot soak, exfoliation and application of warm paraffin wax to rehydrate and soothe your tired feet. Finishing with relaxing foot massage and polish for pretty toes! (1hr)  £25 

Luxury Shellac Pedicure - as above £38

Pretty Nails For Little Ladies - Treat your little girls to pretty nails for special occasions or just for fun.  They get to choose colours (normal polish only), glitters or nail stickers and they love it! (Parental consent required)  Children 12 and under £5 for fingers or toes

Gel Polishes  - I have a choice of Shellac which is a hybrid of normal and gel polish so lasts up to two weeks and is kind to nails.

Create gel is an alternative tough gel in a range of equally lovely colours.

Shellac Application - Includes file, cuticle tidy and conditioning Solar Oil  (approx 45 mins for plain colour depending on your nails)  £22

Create Application as above £25

Additional Nail Art - Glitters, stamping, will be between £2-£5 extra

Shellac Removal With Reapplication £22

Create Removal With Reapplication -£25

Shellac Manicure or Pedicure - Application of Shellac colour combined with manicure or pedicure as described above (approx 1 hr)  £30

Create Manicure or Pedicure - as above £35

Shellac Removal - for safe, quick removal, includes Solar Oil  (20 mins for Shellac)  £8

Create Removal (30 mins) £10

Removal with nail shape and tidy up   £12 (Shellac)

       £15 (Create)

Aftercare Advice

To ensure your gel polish lasts it helps to follow these tips:

Wear gloves when using cleaning products, gardening or washing up.

Don't use your nails as tools.

If you use sun cream or insect repellant wash your hands as some products contain Deet which can weaken gel polishes.

Use Solar oil twice a day to rehydrate and condition your cuticles and nails.