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Eyebrow Wax

Wax Depilation

For silky smooth skin

Please bear in mind the following when booking a waxing treatment.

Skin test is advisable if you've never been waxed before.

Allow at least one week, preferably two between any shaving or home depilatory treatments before being waxed to give optimum results.

If you have a suntan waxing will remove shedding skin cells, thereby reducing your tan.

Waxing should not be carried out immediately after heat treaments such as UV, sunbed, sauna or steam as skin is more sensitive.

Skin is more sensitive and hair regrowth more active prior to and during your period so avoid waxing at this time.

If you are wanting a facial treatment it is advisable to have this at least 48 hours after waxing to reduce blocked pores and skin irritation.

Brow Wax  £10

Top Lip  £8

Chin  £8


Underarm  £10

Half Leg  £20

Full Leg  £30

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